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Nutritional Facts for School Meals:
Lunch:  Carbs/Fiber or  All Values
Break:  Carbs/Fiber or  All Values
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Nutritional Facts for School Meals:
Lunch:  Carbs/Fiber or  All Values
Break:  Carbs/Fiber or  All Values

High School Lunch
High School Breakfast
Nutritional Facts for School Meals:
Lunch: Carbs/Fiber or  All Values
Break:  Carbs/Fiber or  All Values

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Thank you for stopping by!  It is our hope that this site will answer any questions you may have concerning Superior Food Services.  We posted everything you need to know about our Free and Reduced Meal Program, all of our menus, our pricing for meals and other informative content.  Information about our program and any job openings we may have.  Plus, we have gathered a wealth of nutritional information and links for your educational advancement.  Check out our Nutrition tab for the full scoop.  If you have a special diet requirement we want to hear from you.  See the Allergies link under the Parents tab for a form that your physician may fill in for our records.  We hope that you find this site useful.  Check back often!  We'll keep the site up to date and will have new nutritional information posted each month.

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If you would like to speak to a "live person" about making an online prepayment then be sure to call 800-479-3531.  A representative is will be available Monday through Friday from 7am to 7pm eastern.